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URIX 7.0.3 is released

URIX 7.0.3 is released.

Hardware requirements:
URIX OS is tested to work fully on Lenovo T410, Lenovo Flex 2, Dell Latitudee6320.
If your hardware is not working please send us detailed information. We
also have a build in application which you can use to report your hardware

Any Intel/AMD based x64 system with Intel/Nvidia or ATI. Sound preferably Intel-based.

USB - best bet would be a 8 GB USB 3 flash drive with a fast

ISO - writable to DVD

MD5 Sums:
URIX.x86_64-7.0.3.iso    32d0118e6791c15f77f96cf24c517d5a
URIX.x86_64-7.0.3.img    07bbfa1e5939a599859caa1d80a03013

Installation instructions:


New in this release:
We decided that it is time to move on from NetSecL OS and create something with a new identity since it is different from what NetSecL OS was.
Still you can find v5 on our ftp server which includes penetration tools and GrSecurity.

As you probably understood URIX OS is a general purpose OS. URIX is a live OS runnable from USB and ISO. In this release we introduce WPS Office, comatability with the following hardware:

- Lenovo T410
- Lenovo Flex 2
- Dell Latitudee 6320
- Wifi firmware (Realtek,Intel and others)

Hope you enjoy it!



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